korean war
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Buck Wolfe Wants to Know: Who Killed Rita?
Rita Colleridge discovered more than she was supposed to about a secret new pharmaceutical drug and she paid with her life. Rated a bestseller by first reviewers.

Korean War Novel
War Hawks
The CIA takes over in Korea and creates Air America for shipping needed war goods from Korea to the the French in Vietnam. Captain Frank Strickland leads men into battle and tries to save his Marines from the disaster at the Chosin Reservoir only to learn later that his Commander in Chief had betrayed his Marines. More . . .
G*A*M*E*S X-Treme Paintball
A group of friends join together to take a "toughen-up" class from crusty ex-Marine Cap Montieth, but things take a much more serious -- and deadly turn. It's a thriller with more twists than an Agatha Christie mystery.

From Signet Classics: A Few Good Men
A bestseller from author Gazzaniga, first published by Signet Classics, New York. This is not the movie that came out a few years later. This is the tale of the first Marines into Vietnam.

Long Before 9/11: Air France One
Gazzaniga uses his thousands of hours as a pilot in command to expose the very real possibilites of an errant airliner and how it could change the world.

Pure satire with comedic bits.
Don's screenplay, written in 1978 proved to be a welcome satire of America's military might. Included in this book with two others. Some Assembly Required was optiond by Disney and Canon films but it didn't make it to the screen. Way ahead of its time. Great read with many chuckles.
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