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War Hawks
After seeing his men suffer devastating losses in the Korean War, Marine Lt. Frank Strickland embarks on a one-man campaign that reveals some shocking and intriguing corruption straight out of the Truman White House via his secret operations with the CIA. It was the preparations for the Vietnam War that no one knew about except for the French, who were deeply involved in losing their own war in that country.. This is a story based on true events concerning the explosive growth for power by the CIA in foreign lands, all authorized by the president of the United States. More

Korean War Novel

G*A*M*E*S X-Treme Paintball
The latest novel from author Donald Gazzangia with co-author Tony DiMarco. DiMarco worked as a publicist in Hollywood and as chief story editor for Gerry Marshall. Gazzaniga and DiMarco worked together developing screenplays and G*A*M*E*S is a product of their "crazy creative minds." Twenty something millennials seek to mature into tougher adults when they hire former Marines Cap Montieth and Philo Tankerslee to train them to not fear life. They got more than they bargained for. More . . .

paintball, crossbow, x-treme

A Few Good Men
Who were the first Marines into Vietnam? A Few Good Men, first published in 1986, answers the question with a well-written story about young Americans who grew up in a relatively safe environment only to find themselves challenged by an unexpected war. First published by Signet Classics, a division of New American Library, A Few Good Men is a bestseller. More . . .


Who Killed Rita Colleridge?
When Rita Colleridge died, it was written off as a suicide until Buck Wolf entered the picture. It's a pharmeceutical classic. A crime so subtle that Rita's replacement Richard Craig, nearly dies at the hands of the same killer and for the same reason. When he seeks help, it comes from highway patrolman Buck Wolfe, who finds himself entwined in a mystery so deep that it takes his case to Europe while he nearly dies in a mine shaft in the Sierra Buttes area. More . . .


The Sporting Chef's Favorite Wild Game Recipes
Don designed and published the Sporting Chef's nationally popular Favorite Wild Game Recipes book in 1995. He More . . .