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War Hawks
A bestselling novel.

After seeing his men suffer devastating losses in the Korean War, Marine Lt. Frank Strickland embarks on a one-man campaign that reveals some shocking and intriguing corruption straight out of the Truman White House via his secret operations with the CIA. It was the preparations for the Vietnam War that no one knew about except for the French, who were deeply involved in losing their own war in that country.. This is a story based on true events concerning the explosive growth for power by the CIA in foreign lands, all authorized by the president of the United States. When CIA Director William Casey warned the author of War Hawks to "Not publish this story," Gazzaniga became even more interested in the CIA's history and despite phone calls against his efforts from additional agents, he researched in depth the tale of the CIA's grab for power during the Korean War. Gazzaniga began this effort in the mid-eighties. This is the first publication of his work. Read Chapter One Now.

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Names of characters in War Hawks are not all fictional. This story was pulled together by the author after meeting with many surviving Marines and U.S. Army personnel as well as a few CIA personnel "on the ground" during the Korean War. Although some of this story may seem unreal to you, the author did transcribe events from actual participants. He wove the tales told him into War Hawks. The CIA part of the story is one-hundred percent accurate. The Marine battles and commanders and enlisted personnel therein are real. Many characters in the book are real people while others are fictionalized to protect the innocent. This tale involves the birth of Air America, the enormous growth of the CIA during the Korean War and the many faults and failures of misguided leaership, as well as the rescue of the Conflict by an amazing Army General and a new president.