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Who Killed Rita Colleridge
A mystery that reaches across the sea

The death of Rita Colleridge, murdered by someone who did not touch her with hand or weapon, is just the beginning of a web of pharmaceutical and murder intrigue that makes "Who Killed Rita Colleridge?" a first-class page-turner. Rita, who had signed on as the chief scientist for a prestigious northern California pharmaceutical lab, discovers the shocking truth about a new drug being developed by the lab and it costs her her life. Rita's replacement, Richard Craig, almost meets the same fate before "Buck" Wolfe, a Mendocino artist and Highway Patrolman stumbles into the case accidentally. Wolfe is a traffic accident investigator who ends up sorting out the victims and suspects in a homnicide no other local police want to deal with. The plot thickens, as the saying goes, when Rita's death turns into an international affair.

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